Sharing a snippet of the end of chapter 4.

I turned to find everyone staring up at the corner TV above the bar. The man behind the bar turned up the volume and I finally heard the lady on the screen speaking. She was slinky and blonde, and looked absolutely frozen, standing at the edge of a boardwalk, holding a microphone up to her face. The little colored bar at the bottom of the screen told me she was a reporter for KING5 Seattle news.

“…what appeared to be a freak winter storm for the Seattle region, has turn into a certifiable blizzard. Conditions are so bad, it’s hard to believe this is Washington, and not Antarctica. We have reports pouring in of wide spread power outages, and temperatures well below zero. Record lows have caused fuel to freeze in cars, and indeed, most forms of transportation are shut down.”

She continued to talk about the wide spread mayhem caused by the storm, and as she did, the eerie crackling of frost was heard over the mic, and the picture distorted as the lens seemed to frost over.

“Uh… uh, Nancy…” The camera man cut in, still recording, “Nancy, my camera’s freezing, I think we should – “

The picture went out, and some crackling was heard over the mic. A scream suddenly erupted from the TV, and the entire diner jumped four feet out of their chairs. An alien rumbling was heard then, deep and impossibly large, like the call of some unfathomably massive creature.

Then the footage cut out, and the screen went to snow.


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  1. like, nice build up of tension.
    Saw a type
    “Seattle region, has turn into a certifiable blizzard.” Should be ‘turned’ instead of ‘turn’
    Also the last sentence would work better I think if you flip it around so “The footage cut out then, and the screen went to snow.”

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