Rare moments of clarity.

So, I’ve been chugging away at writing my book lately (as always) when I can, and I’ve had a few of those ‘rare moments of clarity’, when it just like… flows. You know, those precious few minutes where everything is coming out right, and you know exactly what your next sentences are, and you’re almost so excited to get there you can’t help but be a little excited with yourself.

I wrote one scene, and when I finished it, I had this “Aaaah…” moment. I felt good to get it out, and I was excited to write it. I wish the whole book would be this way. I need to pay attention to when these moments happen, because apparently thats what I like writing the most. And apparently what I like writing the most is emotional-ish, vaguely romantic scenes. So that’s cool. I like romance. Who doesn’t like romance? Especially when it involves witches and stuff. Ooooooo, Mishaaaaal, don’t touch Lucy there, eeeeee~

Okay, maybe not that heavy, but still. Very cute moment. This book is going to be fun, and I’m glad I’m even capable of having these moments. It reassures me that I’m writing the right thing.

It’s kind of like being glad you like your kid. Sometimes, you give birth to a kid, and you’re just like ‘ew, no, you’re annoying, go away’ and then the whole relationship is awk-awk, and life sucks. Sometimes you’re really bonded with your kid to the point they tell you all thier dirty secrets and its sort of creepy, but still. I want to be creepily aware of my book. Does that make sense? I’ve been sick lately, so maybe I’m a little foggy from all the Nightquil.

Either way, my point is, I’m glad I have these moments. I like my book. <3


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  1. Writing is a journey, you can have one thing in mind when you start out. But then it can take over and write itself, sometimes… I do admit those are the great parts. Some others take some thinking and planning. Which ever works for you is what matters. You’ll find your voice.

    Looking forward to following some new people :) and enjoying the process of writing together.

    • I’m finding that to be more and more true. I outlined my chapters, so I knew where my book would go (drives me nuts if I dont have a plan), and some of the stuff I layed out ended up getting changed into these cool awesome new ideas and scenes that sort of just fell out and wrote themselves. It was very cool. :)

      • It is very cool, but also part of the writing process. I love those moments.

      • Thats probably where most of the fun in writing comes from, those “woah, that went in a weird but awesome direction” moments.

        This is my first real book, and I’m only on chapter 10 (about 20k words in), and I’m already having a blast with those kinds of moments.

      • I hope it continues to write itself for you :) How much do you think you have left to write? Is it for an intended market?

      • Me too! It’d be nice if it just wrote itself, haha.Also, probably close to 60k words left (shooting for about 80k total… I read somewhere that was a ‘healthy’ length.) I’m about a fourth done over all though, so we’ll see how long it ends up being after editing and revisions.

        The book, genre wise, is urban fantasy. Its my favorite genre to read, so it ended up being my favorite genre to write. I had originally intended it to be tame enough for YA shelves, but I’m not sure yet. It may get more adult in content than that. (Not necessarily x-rated stuff, but you know.)

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