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LOOKATTHISBOOK Feature: Healer’s Touch by Deb E. Howell

Healer's Touch by Deb E. Howell

Llew has a gift. Her body heals itself from any injury – but at a cost to anyone nearby.
On the run after surviving the hangman’s noose, Llew learns that her ability to heal herself and others is more dangerous than she could have imagined. And her greatest hope of remaining free of those who would use her power for ill lies with the man who would kill her if he ever found out what she was
… or would he?


Praise for ‘HEALER’S TOUCH’


“There isn’t a dull moment in the story, with the action starting from the first page.”Jo Toon,

“I wanted to cheer her on a few times when she stood up for herself. I was also embarrassed for her
a time or two when she couldn’t control her mouth. ” Lostinsidethecovers Blog

Take a Peek Inside

Excerpt #1 – 

So Quaver wants me to ‘keep me safe’, and Braph wants me for my blood. What do Turhmos want me for? To fight for their army?” Llew asked.

Jonas choked on a laugh and Llew glared at him.

I can fight.”

You throw a letter opener mighty fine. But there’s a difference between a back-road scuffle and a battlefield.”

What do they want with me, if not to fight?” She turned back to Aris.

They want your sons,” said Aris.

My–? But I don’t… ew!” Llew had never taken the time to consider having children, but the thought now thrust itself into her brain. She didn’t like it. Especially not in an unknown country under some sort of marital arrangement. Or martial, for that matter.


Excerpt #2 – 

Jonas punched the tree again. Bark and blood flew; his skin wasn’t impenetrable.

Hey, Jonas.” Hisham slid from his horse and went to grab Jonas’ arm. But Jonas just swung even faster and harder – too fast for his friend. The tree creaked, and pain shot up his arm. He folded over, cradling the limb and shaking out his hand, all the while cursing profusely and stamping a foot.

That’s not helping, my friend,” said Hisham, placing a hand on Jonas’ back. “We’re doin’ the best we can.”

Jonas took a moment to breathe through his curses. Then he straightened, stretching and clenching the injured hand. He’d scraped his knuckles good and jarred his bones, but nothing was broken. He looked at Hisham, thinking he would just agree with his friend, climb back on his horse, and they would carry on. But when he looked up, all he wanted to do was punch something – someone – else, and Hisham didn’t deserve it.

Jonas turned away, striding several frustrated paces, muttering, cursing Braph, cursing Turhmos, cursing himself for leaving Llew, cursing Llew for not just letting him be and staying put inside where she was safe, cursing Lord Tovias for not having an estate secure against Braph… He walked away from and back to Hisham several times, muttering and cursing, muttering and cursing. And finally stopped in front of his friend and puffed out a deep breath.

I know,” he said. “But it’s not enough. Braph can fly.”



Curious yet? Check it out! ‘Healer’s Touch’ is running a 99C special right now! An awesome book for less than a buck!

Available at these online retailers (in multiple formats):


Amazon US Kindle

Amazon UK Kindle

Amazon US Paperback

Amazon UK Paperback

Also available through Barnes & Noble, Kobo and various other outlets!

…Still not satisfied? Get in touch with the author here!:


(…Seriously, go check it out.)


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