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I’m not dead!

Hello, hello, new year!

I know, I know… I haven’t updated my blog in.. centuries. Forgive my literary hibernation, stuff happened. :(

Among those things –
-I transferred and started school again. Woots!
-I spent 4 months trying to write Redhaven #2
-Scrapped it
-Started again
-Said fuck it, pushed the plot from the original book #2 to #3
-Nano’d book #2 with a new plot.
-Started edits and rewrites. Blurgh.
-I also started taking my health seriously and dropped 50 lbs in 5 months. (Go me!)

But yes! Things are going… slowly, but at least they’re going now. The changes and edits for Book #2 of the Redhaven Saga (tentatively called Blood Rites) are pretty much locked, so it’s just a matter of getting through the edits. Cover is underway, too, so expect some previews in the next months or so! (I say this with the utmost vagueness, because who the hell knows when it comes to book publishing. It’s done when it’s out, haha.)

But yes, book #2 is underway, fo’ realz this time. Vampires and demons and werebats, oh my!

I also did some compiling, and found out I have anywhere between 14-17 series/one-shot novel ideas in my little folder of scraps. That’s a ton of projects. I’m going to focus on Redhaven first, of course, but geez! I’m glad I write down my ideas… I’m sure my future self will thank me for it, but still. Most of the ideas are fantasy in some variety. Actually, I think all of them are, but still. They range from high-fantasy to post-apocalypse to… well, other stuff. I’ve been thinking perhaps I could alternate and work on a few things here and there at the same time, but I don’t want to spread myself too thin. Still, it would be nice to take a break from witches and werebats and venture into apocalyptic shenanigans. Could be fun, no? We’ll see… Really want to polish up Blood Rites and get it out. If I wrote the first book in a month, surely I can get the second out in two. (…I actually wrote book 2 in a month too, but… you know what I mean.)

I’m sure there’s other things I could update about, but this is good for now. Just wanted to let the interbutts know I haven’t died or anything. I just took a writing hibernation.


<3 :D


Vlog #6


Some random stuff this week. Nothing too terribly exciting, besides word count and some book recommendations.

‘The Claiming Words’ by Tricia Drammeh –
Tricia’s Facebook Page –

‘Marked’ by P.C. Cast + Kristin Cast –

Jim Butcher  (Seriously, just read everything) –


The first three chapters are up, in all of their rough draft glory. Figment sort of ate my formatting, but you can still read it well enough. It hasn’t been edited, so there’s probably some typos, but put it up mostly so I could share it around.

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[[Music is (C) The Secret Path by The Moon & The Nightspirit. I do not claim ownership and all rights go to them. ]]

Bad Writing

I’ve done some of my worst writing today. Chapter 7 is a giant turd. I hate it. The good news is I know whats wrong with it, so thats helpful. It’ll probably be completely re-written in a later draft, but I’m still stuck driving through this slush of crappy phrases.

How do I get past this crap? Do I just soldier through? Not worry about? Maybe it’s not as turd-esque as I’m thinking?

….Can you tell I’m procrastinating again? >_> Chapter 7 has been haunting me for like, 3 days. >_< GO HOME CHAPTER 7, YOU’RE DRUNK,

Cautious Optimism

Some thoughts this week.

The connection between music and writing? What do you listen to?

For no reason, other than that I was in a pondering sort of mood, I really sat down and thought about.

I have something like 561 tracks qued for my “Writing Music” playlist. As I was writing a chapter this morning, I noticed, curiously, how well the music was matching the scene. It was a very neat coincidence. And then I started to wonder, “Well, how does music convey a feeling, or a mood?”

I honestly don’t know. Some music makes me want to write the scene or suspenseful, other tracks make me want to write the scene soft, and maybe romantic. Still other tracks are just so damn epic I have to take down a little note about the scene that comes into my head. I freaking love music.

When I was younger, I listened to the soundtrack for the Prince of Egypt (I’m talking like… when I was 11, tops.) And some of the scores on the soundtrack were so emotional for my little eleven year old brain, that I saw a series of events in my head, like I was watching a scene painted by the sounds. I think I may have cried, but I was 11, so I probably cried at alot of weird stuff. I found that cd the other day, and listened to it for nostalgia’s sake, and I had the same ‘movie’ in my head.

This post really has no point other than to convey the depth of awe I have for music and writing.

I feel like, if I was going to use some sort of clever analogy here, it’d be “If writing was a snowcone, music would be the bottle the flavor comes out.” A little far reaching, and I may just be hungry, but still.

What do you listen to when you write? Do you listen to music at all? Do you need absolute quiet? I envy those of you who can write to any music. I wish I could write to music that has words, but I always ended up either distracted or singing along; I’m not very productive with word music. Soundtracks and orchestral stuff I’m all over. Even occasional dubstep. Mostly notably stuff like what Two Steps From Hell do. I know some people who need absolute silence to write. I don’t even those people, unless they have a nice quiet office somewhere.

Anyway, thats my thoughts on music for the day. If anybody gets this far and has music to share, I wouldn’t mind adding something new to my playlist.

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