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An excerpt from Chapter 21

Because I felt like sharing my poor excuse for dialogue, ha.


“I’ve been getting some strange visions lately, mostly about you. I’ve seen that man you’re talking about, the one with the long white hair, and the gold eyes. I see him with you a lot in these visions.” She came around and sat on the edge of the bed with me, while the tingling salve worked it’s way into my skin.

I immediately flushed. “How much have you seen, Rissa?” My eyes went wide with embarrassment. Hers went narrow with suspicion.

“Nothing like that, if that’s what you’re wondering.” Her eyes narrowed just a bit more. “What have you been doing, my little, innocent, pure white dove?” She piled on the adjectives for emphasis, and each made me feel more guilty than the last. And a little dirty.

“Nothing, I swear!” My hands went to my chest again, and I made a face. “He keeps… touching me!” My hands went palm out, and I squeezed invisible melons in the air for emphasis.

Rissa laughed, and patted my leg. “No, no… it’s nothing like that.” Her face went serious then, and she gave me a look that made me sit up a little straighter and pay attention. “I see him with you constantly, like a shadow every where you go. He hides in the dark, and watches you, and when you’re alone, his…” Her eyes went distant as she searched for the words with a motion of her hand. “His fire threatens to consume you. But I don’t think he means to hurt you, he’s just… Stuck to you somehow, weaving himself into your life.”

“So he’s real? I’m not crazy?” I asked, leaning in slightly with anticipation. Rissa apparently knew more about him than I did.

“No, he’s very real.” Her expression changed then, tightness around her eyes drawing my attention.

“What is it, Rissa? What aren’t you telling me about him?” I pressed her for more information, but she pulled away slightly, the warmth of her hand on my leg suddenly absent.

It’s nothing you should be worried about, dove.” She stood from the bed and went to the dresser across from it, pulling out a low drawer to retrieve a neatly folded shirt, and some old jeans.

worry about it? Rissa, he’s a demon! Do you know what the Conclave does to witches who consort with demons?! You of all people should know how they treat nonconformists!” I knew it was a mistake the moment it came out of my mouth, but Rissa paused in her movements at the dresser and turned slowly to look at me. I shrunk a little under her gaze as her jeweled artificial eye glinted and swiveled in it’s socket to stare at me. “…Sorry.” I squeaked out.


I’m absolutely terrified.

redcrow4I started this blog, because I’m finally writing my book, and I’m absolutely terrified.

For so long I put off actually writing it, because I was so afraid of having to go through the ordeal of queries, and agents, and submissions, and formatting, and the inevitable tidal wave of rejections. I didn’t want it enough (which I am atleast partially ashamed to admit.) But then I heard about e-publishing, and after some digging, I decided to jump in head first. Or feet first. I’m actually not sure which direction is appropriate, but I’m jumping nonetheless.

I hope someday this blog can be my official ‘author site’. I hope someday people read my stories and like them. I hope to someday have discussions with people who’ve read my stories and care enough to drop me a line. I hope I write my books, and they end up on people’s shelves.

I know it sounds terribly corny, but it’s kind of my dream. I keep hearing all these things about e-publishing and all these people who have lives that I’ve only dreamed about, and it makes that dream much more tangible. Sooo… I’m going for it. And I’m going to stick to it, and I’m not gonna stop.

This blog, (for the moment), while be a sort of chronicle of events leading up to what (I hope) will be a publishing day. I might put up some FAQ type stuff, or some background lore or something. I dunno. Mostly, I need to write, but I think part of writing is exploring your own world. So we’ll see, I suppose.

For the moment, everything is new. I’m at the beginning of my journey, and whether or not people actually read it, I’ll still have a timeline of posts to look back on at some point.

My current goal is to write 3k words a day, with a total word count goal of around 80,000 words for the first book of my first series (Redhaven). I am currently on Chapter 2.

I can do eeeeeet!

*waves tiny flag of optimism*

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