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Everything sucks and I hate you. (Not really, but still.)

Nah, I’m kiddng. I don’t really hate you. >_>

But everything kinda sucks. I caught a cold at work, and my ear aches cause I slept on it wrong, and my wisdom teeth are bothering me. So, basically, my head is about to a’splode.

I also really really really want a Kindle Fire now. I think I’m going to buy myself one after a little while. There are a ton of free books I want to read.

Also-also, chapter 7 is a bitch and I would like to be done with it now. :I But I have to go to work, and thats seriously cutting in on my writing time. (I realize it’s ironic to complain about things cutting in on writing time, when I’m sitting here blogging about it, but still)

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