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Rare moments of clarity.

So, I’ve been chugging away at writing my book lately (as always) when I can, and I’ve had a few of those ‘rare moments of clarity’, when it just like… flows. You know, those precious few minutes where everything is coming out right, and you know exactly what your next sentences are, and you’re almost so excited to get there you can’t help but be a little excited with yourself.

I wrote one scene, and when I finished it, I had this “Aaaah…” moment. I felt good to get it out, and I was excited to write it. I wish the whole book would be this way. I need to pay attention to when these moments happen, because apparently thats what I like writing the most. And apparently what I like writing the most is emotional-ish, vaguely romantic scenes. So that’s cool. I like romance. Who doesn’t like romance? Especially when it involves witches and stuff. Ooooooo, Mishaaaaal, don’t touch Lucy there, eeeeee~

Okay, maybe not that heavy, but still. Very cute moment. This book is going to be fun, and I’m glad I’m even capable of having these moments. It reassures me that I’m writing the right thing.

It’s kind of like being glad you like your kid. Sometimes, you give birth to a kid, and you’re just like ‘ew, no, you’re annoying, go away’ and then the whole relationship is awk-awk, and life sucks. Sometimes you’re really bonded with your kid to the point they tell you all thier dirty secrets and its sort of creepy, but still. I want to be creepily aware of my book. Does that make sense? I’ve been sick lately, so maybe I’m a little foggy from all the Nightquil.

Either way, my point is, I’m glad I have these moments. I like my book. <3


Guilt, quotas, and falling in love with your character.

So, I have a confession to make: I don’t often make my word count quotas. Well, sometimes. I feel bad about that. I don’t know if it’s lazyness (it’s probably lazyness) or if I’m too easily distracted. It may be a bit of both, but the fact that I’m still going is encouraging right?

I feel like maybe I’m just freaking out too much. I started this thing with the idea in my head that I would spend every waking out not in school or at my job writing. So far, thats fairly accurate. I get up at the buttcrack of dawn, and am on the laptop until bedtime in most cases. Now, how much writing gets done, I don’t know.

Perhaps I’m simply making too much out of it; maybe numbers isn’t the thing. Perhaps writing is more fluid and less rational than that – maybe it just needs to come out, and wherever you get to is wherever you get to that day. I’m steadily making progress though.

It’s kind of scary.

Whats also kind of scary, is that I’m starting to get the first tiny whispers of feedback on the very first chapters. The book is in its infancy, but it seems to be able to stand on its own so far. I’ve had some very helpful criticism about the content, and its been remarkably helpful, even in these early stages.

I always feel I’m getting ahead of my with this thing. I’ll gaze longingly at bookcovers, or read up about paperback publishing options, and stuff. CALM DOWN TORI. BREATHE. (Or as Maegan would say, “CALM YO TITS”. It’s hilarious when she says it, I promise.)

I just have to keep telling myself, “Just write. Thats all you need to do. Just write. Trust Lucy to tell your story. Just write. Just write.”

Is it creepy that I talk about Lucy like she’s real? Does that happen for alot of writers? The more I write her, the more I feel I know her, and the more I feel I know her, the more I tend to refer to her in a third-ish person kind of sense. I like her. I like her world. I like Irwin, and I like Mishal. I dunno. Maybe thats weird.

As a semi-related note, I’m super excited to have a writing buddy. I think it helps alot. I like being able to bounce ideas off of her. I also like reading her book, and I wish there was more of it. I want her to finish it! I believe she can. I’m all wiggly with the prospects. e_e

Also, I have to go to work today. So, that sucks. I’d rather be writing.

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